We love hearing from passionate individuals who want to make a difference in the world!

At Luna & Me, we are a dedicated team of like-minded individuals who work hard every day to establish a positive company culture in an inclusive team environment. Our pledge is ‘to do the right thing, even when no-one is watching.’

Our vision is to, ‘help pets thrive’ and our mission is to ‘improve pet health & well-being’ We pride ourselves in taking care of our family, both internally and externally, therefore personal growth and empowering our employees is extremely important to us. When you are here, you are part of that family!

What we can offer you:

Fair and equal wages (with regular increases and advancement opportunities)
Regular working hours (Monday-Friday/Saturday)
Sick days after 6 months (for full-time employees)
Your birthday off with pay (after probation)
Staff discount on food, plus other perks and incentives.

Administrator (Part-Time/Full-Time).

Do you love to?

Get stuff done
Create something and say ‘I did that, and I’m proud of it’
Thrive on wearing multiple hats
Be organised… REALLY organised
Pet dogs, play with dogs, talk to dogs… basically love dogs (cats are alright too)

Do you possess?

Fairness – You play well with others. You possess strong communication skills. You value equality and sustainability.  You find authenticity and transparency important.
Happiness – Not only do you live a life dedicated to your own happiness, but it’s important to you that others are happy.  Work should be fun… and you can’t have fun if you’re not happy.  We have tons of fun doing what we do.
Passion – We want to surround ourselves with those who are passionate about what they do.  It’s important to us that you love your work and you embrace the company’s passion for what we do.
Responsibility – Can you be responsible? Yes? Good!  We love people who can do that!  Push yourself past your limits, but communicate if something is no longer working for you.  Make mistakes, but own up to them when you make them, and help others learn from them.

Your Role:

We are currently seeking an Administrator at our offices in Bridport, Dorset.  If you love a challenge and work best under a bit of pressure, then this will be a good role for you.

You must have extensive office administration experience with strong IT skills. Prior knowledge of e-commerce would be an advantage. Education to degree level is desirable, but not essential.

We are looking for the following individual:

Enthusiastic, professional and personable
Strong attention to detail
Ability to work without supervision
Excellent time management skills
Exceptional communication and customer service skills
Strong prioritisation and organisation skills
Ability to handle confidential information
Strong record keeping skills
Presentation skills, including welcoming guests
Ability to multitask
Technical skills, IT including office software
Rides a fine line of diligence and flexibility
Isn’t afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone


Prior office administration experience preferred.
Proactively assess, clarify, and validate customer needs on an ongoing basis.
Manage customer expectations… remember when we said ‘rides a fine line of diligence and flexibility?’
Clients aren’t just numbers with names – they’re human beings and more importantly to us they are family. It’s important to us that you not only sell our product, but you can also sell your personality traits and your delivery of services for the client.  There will be days when everything goes well, but there will also be days when nothing seems to go properly. Your job calls for you to come to work every day fresh and ready to meet new challenges.
Make new friends! Create, maintain and develop relationships with new and existing customers.
Demonstrate a strong desire to help customers.
Proactively seek feedback to understand any customer issues.
Help create and implement promotions and brand initiatives.
Consistently and dependably follow through on commitments.
Assist in the execution of customer marketing programs.
Assist in the planning, and organisation of events.
Manage diary schedules.
If you would like to apply for this position, please send us the following:

Your CV and a cover letter that answers the following questions:
3 things that make you great.
What do you know about the pet food/pet services industry? OR… What do you like the most about the pet food/pet services industry?
What is your go-to method for being organised?