Hello, we’re Luna & me… we make real food for pets & we’re really good at it.

We believe to live-well & live-long our best friends deserve to eat real food that’s bursting with nourishing ingredients. That’s why we created Dinner Patties, the simple & convenient way to feed real food. Better for them. Easier for you.

Luna & Me was founded by Sammy and her dog Luna. A devoted animal lover and entrepreneur, with a bit of a foodie obsession.

Growing up my grandparents were farmers and my parents were butchers. As a child I fell in love with dogs, and it’s been my passion ever since. I’m an expert in dog training, behaviour and nutrition. I embrace the farm-to-table principal, and believe what we feed ourselves and our animals, should be based on what is best for the body, not what takes the least amount of effort.

My story is a little bit different to most; I did not stumble into raw feeding out of sickness or ailment. I’m a life-long raw feeder, its the only way I know. I have a lifetime of experience (bordering on obsession) gained throughout the lives of my eleven dogs (and counting), and a family history spanning generations, to prove that unconditional nutrition for your pet is as important as unconditional love.

I started Luna & Me in my own kitchen, after my friends asked if I would make dinner for their pets. I started making dinners for them and when their friends asked for dinners, you could say one-thing-led-to-another and that’s when it all started evolving into a company. Today, to be honest, I’m utterly addicted to creating my nutritious raw menu for dogs and cats.

Luna is a Parson Russell Terrier and she is the love of my life. I think I love her because Luna is the opposite of me – she lives life with complete abandon! She’s mischievous (loveable). She’s independent (spoilt). She’s sweet and affectionate (got me wrapped around her little paw). She’s precious (and she knows it). You can often find Luna lounging on a sofa or sprawled on a squishy dog bed in our offices, having a game of tug-of-war with one of our many battered toys, playing a game of chase during a morning walk or meeting with one of our many visitors.

I could talk about us all day, but the best way to discover the Luna & Me difference is to try my food. I’m certain you’ll be happy you did, and lots of our customers say; they’ve seen tails wag so much at the thought of our food, the bottoms wiggle with them.

Sammy and Luna