We make people food for pets! Made from the same ingredients as the food you feed your family, packed with healthy proteins and completely free of grains, fillers, additives or preservatives.

Our food is the highest standard there is. Once you find out what that means for your pet, you’ll never settle for conventional pet food again.

Whether you’re looking for the most nutritious everyday dinners or looking out for your pups particular food sensitivities, we offer more high quality food options for your pets happiness and health.

LUNA & me started with a simple question; Why?

Our founder, Sammy asked – Why are the quality standards for pet food much lower than for people food?
Why do companies say ‘natural ingredients’ but refuse to share their sources?
Why are the most popular foods so heavily processed?
And then;
Why is raw food so inconvenient to feed?
Why is raw food always ‘icky’?
Why does raw food smell?

The unsatisfying answers to these questions and more, led us to create far better options. Over a lifetime, we’ve created a full range of foods that are far safer, healthier and more delicious than most mass-produced brands.

We make and serve the best food possible to the pets we love, and help so many passionate pet lovers do the same.

If your pets eagerly await their current food and show all the signs of true happiness and health, keep up the good work. But if you ever find them shy of 100% please ask our favourite question Why? A higher quality more convenient food just might be the answer…

Sammy and Luna