I receive lots of questions about Bare Bones & Puppies, here are my tips.

1. Supervised, Bare Bones can be given to puppies. If you’re worried wait until they are four months old.
2. Choose a bone size that is one size bigger than what you think is appropriate.
3. Young puppies may not have the strength in their jaw of an older dog, but giving bones offer valuable lessons for later life.
4. Bare bones are a great aid to relieve teething by massaging sore gums and help your pup cut their teeth.
5. Chewing and gnawing provides stimulation and can relieve anxiety.
6. Chewing is soothing and comforting to puppies, you will often find that they will fall asleep.
7. Use Bones as a time to instil good manners, teach your pup to ‘leave’, ‘give’ and ‘share’ their bone with you.
8. Never allow your pup to become possessive, no growling allowed.
9. Separate multiple dogs when feeding bones, especially when you have a new puppy.
10. Chose the right bone as not all bones are safe! Our Naturals Bare Bones are appropriate for puppies.