To create a LUNA & me Birthday Cake you will need

3 x LUNA & me Raw Patties, frozen
4 – 6 Sprats
4 – 6 Blueberries
Sliced Banana
Carrot cut into cubes
Coconut Oil, warmed
Splash of Cold Water

Patty Stack

1) Fix the first patty in the centre of the plate, using a little of the warmed coconut oil brushed on the underside of the patty. Hold in place for a few seconds whilst the coconut oil hardens.

2) Stack the next two patties on top of the first. Brush the underside of each patty with a little water and hold the patty in place for a couple of seconds. The water will stick the patties together to form your stack.

3) Once you have your patties positioned. Put the whole plate carefully, into a large freezer bag and place the plate in the freezer whilst you prepare the decorations.

Preparing Decorations

1) Prepare and cube your carrots

2) Wash and dry your Blueberries

3) Slice a Banana

4) Choose perfect Sprats

5) Warm Coconut Oil

How to Decorate

1) Take your Patty Stack out of the freezer.

2) Using a Teaspoon, spoon your warmed coconut oil onto the top of your Patty Stack and allow the oil to drizzle down the sides.

3) Brush your Banana slice with Coconut Oil on the bottom surface and hold in the centre of the top patty for a few seconds to allow the oil to harden.

4) Brush each of your Blueberries and arrange these around the top, holding each one in place for a few seconds to allow the coconut oil to harden.

5) Bruch each of your Sprats on one side and arrange these evenly around the side of your stack of patties. Hold each one in place for a few seconds to allow the coconut oil to harden and stick the sprat in place.

6) Around the bottom of your stack, evenly arrange a few carrots

7) Put your whole cake in the fridge and allow to defrost a little ready for serving.


You really can be as creative as your imagination will allow, there are no rules when creating this cake! This cake can be made for dogs & cats, be as big as you want and be decorated anyway you choose.

You can cut just a slice and share it between your pets, or feed it over several days. You can also create individual smaller cakes for all the pets in your family, as I did for Luna.

I used a selection of patties, for colour and variety.

I choose Indy’s favourite fruits and vegetables as decorations, you can to do the same, just remember to check that all the decorations you use are ‘safe’ for your pets to eat.

Don’t forget to share your creations with us…

Sammy x