Human Grade is a very misunderstood term, when it comes to raw pet food. Pet food companies use it as a badge-of-honour, but are they really misleading you?

Did you know that here in the UK, all animal materials in pet foods must come from animals passed as fit for human consumption. Perhaps the confusion comes from countries like the US where dead, dying, disabled and diseased animals can be used in pet food; so US companies quoting human grade in their pet food, has more relevance than using the term human grade here in the UK.

Do you believe that one pet food company is much the same as another? Are things really what they seem?

What I can tell you is like most things, there is an A-Z of Human Grade and what we should be focusing on is the quality of the ingredients being used, rather than allowing ourselves to be pigeon-holed into automatically assuming that human grade means quality/high welfare/UK ingredients are being used. Because I am sorry to break it to you – generally they are not. If you cast your mind back to the outrage caused by Jamie Olivers Turkey Twizzlers, these too were made from human grade ingredients!

At Luna & Me we care about what your pets eat and where it comes from. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and what helps us sleep at night. We take the same fresh meats, fruits and vegetables you’d find at your local farmers market to create our menu. We’re a pretty picky bunch too (our suppliers say our uncompromising standards are even more demanding than most of the human food companies they work with). We only make products that we’re excited to feed to our own dogs and cats, that they’re excited to eat, and that make a meaningful, positive difference in their lives. Anything less wouldn’t be worth all the bother.

Think about this next time someone talks about human grade pet food, is it really relevant or just great marketing?

Sammy x