Photography; nowadays it is really easy to buy an image for almost any occasion, but that’s not real life – its marketing!

For me it has to be ‘real’ so using photographs throughout of my dogs was the only choice. A huge thank you to James at Riverggins Gundogs & Photography for capturing Luna & Indy so beautifully.

Luna is ten now and still looks and behaves like a puppy, Indy, well Indy kinda speaks for herself, just look at that shine – I know the black helps, but not a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask how I get them to look like that…my secret it the same secret that I share with you everyday, their diet!

I don’t do anything else, apart from brush them at the end of each day. I’ve had fourteen dogs of my own, and every one of them has looked like this – but more than that, not one of them visited the vet except in an emergency or for their vaccinations. They live long and happy lives without intervention.

My recipes have been created over generations and my dogs continue to be living-proof of my philosophy.