You’ve all heard me talk about the ‘happy dance’ – the jumping, wagging, purring and pawing that hungry dogs and cats do when they anticipate a meal.

That enjoyment that we as pet-parents are looking for. Well lately, I’ve been hearing it back from you –

‘There’s the senior dog who had lost interest in food, that now gets his Mum up earlier and earlier (she’s not impressed, she’s retired), rushes to the kitchen and stands with his nose on the fridge door!’ – who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

‘The miniature dachshund, who would much rather sit on her Mum’s lap than be bothered with food (any food), who now kicks her bowl around the kitchen at lunchtime, demanding an extra meal’ – Because apparently two meals a day are not enough for mini dacha!

And then there’s Jett, his Dad told me this story – ‘I’ve tried several different top quality kibbles and tinned food on my dog Jett but he’s never been very enthusiastic about mealtimes. I’d recently been mixing a small amount of chopped chicken or liver with his kibble to get him to eat it and I knew he should have been keener so I decided to try your puppy pack.
My plan was to give him Luna in the morning and kibble at teatime to transition but he wolfed the Luna down so eagerly I gave him it again at teatime. Today (day 2) I took his patties out of the fridge to bring them up to room temperature and he was trying to jump up on the kitchen counter to get to them! As I’m writing this, he’s pacing in and out of the kitchen in anticipation…’

The wonderful thing about this article is that I could have quoted a million other stories just like these, each and every one of them makes me so very happy. So happy in fact, I do a little happy dance of my own.

Sammy x