Are you or someone you know wanting to make the switch to a raw diet but need some help? Look no further than the Luna & Me website! We have advice on how you can transition your pet to raw. If you are needing more assistance, feel free to message us and we will help you through it!

There are a number of ways to switch your dog or cat to our natural, complete & balanced, frozen dinner patties. An important factor to consider is the diet you are switching them from. If they have some experience of eating a variety of home produced foods, both cooked and raw, the switch is usually quite rapid and trouble-free. If they have been eating dry foods then they may require a more gradual transition from their current food to our raw menu, to allow their digestive system to re-adapt to raw foods.

Each cat and dog is an individual and should be switching with his or her needs in mind. Please contact us if you need help. In case of health concerns relating to digestion, it would be best to switch them under the guidance of a holistic veterinarian.

Transition for Dogs

The central principle of our raw menu is feeding a variety of different foods, to provide a balanced diet over time. However, during the transition period you should start by feeding each meat source, one at a time, for a period of a week or more. This allows you to determine which meats work best for your dog and it may help identify any allergies. Once they’ve had a chance to try each protein source, you can rotate foods every day or few days, as desired. Remember that variety is achieved over a period of a few weeks – not every day.

There are two general approaches to switching dogs to our raw menu – rapid and slow. With healthy young dogs, the rapid method is typically the simplest and most successful. However, for older pets that have been eating commercial foods all their life or dogs with gastrointestinal problems, a slower transition is recommended.

Rapid Switch. Most puppies, young and healthy dogs can switch to our raw menu overnight using the rapid method. That is, yesterday you fed them dry or canned food, and today you begin feeding them Luna & Me dinner patties.

Because of the difference in digestive times between our raw menu and dry, we do not recommend mixing the two foods.

Slow Switch. The most successful slow transition method to our raw menu is to begin by switching your dog to two meals a day, morning and evening. Offer one meal of our dinner patties followed by one meal of dry food, i.e. dinner patties in the morning and dry in the evening. Start off with a small amount of our dinner patties and gradually increase the quantity of our dinner patties whilst reducing the number of dry food meals. This method allows time for the digestive system to regain its natural PH level after feeding a dry food meal.

You may find your dog may need anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to make the full transition, depending on age, weight and activity level. If you are noticing loose stools early in the process, cut back on the amount of our raw menu being fed and increase it at a slower rate.

Senior Dogs. For older dogs that have been fed commercial foods most of their lives, adding a probiotic and digestive enzymes to their new food can help ease the transition to their new diet.

Here are some tips for easing the transition for you and your dog:

Serve the food at room temperature.
Always use a clean bowl.
Although unlikely, discard any food that has not been eaten.
Use a bowl stand to allow your dog to eat in a more comfortable and natural position.