So you have been feeding your dog a natural raw diet for a while now and in the beginning he wolfed the food down, but lately he has become a little less interested, sometimes playing with his food and not always clearing his bowl.

It must be the food you think! But are you really over-feeding him?

It’s a common mistake. You are so happy that your dog is enjoying his meals and for the first time ever, he is anticipating his food, doing what I like to call the ‘Luna & Me Happy Dance’.

He appears to be asking for more…he’s really hungry, so what do you do? You give him some more food, of course! That new quantity becomes his normal amount for each meal, everyday.

After a while he looks to you like he has gone off his food, he’s not as excited as he once was, he doesn’t eat the food as fast, he looks a little ‘green’ he might even be playing with his food – picking it up and spitting it out, moving the food around his bowl.

So what conclusion do you reach? Well, he doesn’t like it anymore, obviously! To test him you give him something else, a treat or some of your food, he eats that with gusto – so, it must be the food. Right?

Actually No! Just like us, our pups feel full and just like us they can become overwhelmed with food. Think about the last time that you had an amazing dinner – you needed to push your chair away from the dining room table and undo your top button, you couldn’t eat another thing. Then you’re offered desert, the most delicious desert you have ever seen, what do you say – Yes, please just a little. Sound familiar?

When feeding Luna & Me you need to bear one thing in mind, you chose us because you wanted to feed the very best natural raw diet that you could give to your pets. So having established this fact, you will also agree that anything else you feed them is going to be less. Less appropriate a diet, less quality ingredients, less balanced nutritionally, less suitable for their long-term health and wellbeing. Rather than offering them something else, let’s rewind and establish a feeding pattern that ensures they eat every meal, but only after doing the ‘Luna & Me Happy Dance’ of course.

What we want is consistency, we want to be able to put the bowl down and our pets eat their food. They should enjoy their food, eat without hesitation and it should be gone in moments. So how do you achieve this?

You need to be in tune with your pets – you need to observe them. You have to find their balance, you have to read if they are really hungry or they’re just being greedy. One of the easiest ways to see if your dog is being fed the correct quantity of food is by their weight.

With your hand flat on the table use the fingers on your other hand to run across your knuckles, this is what your pet should feel like across the ribs when you stroke him standing-up. Now do this again, this time making a fist and with the fingers of your other hand, run across your knuckles, if your pet feels like this then he is most likely to be too thin. If you can’t feel any ribs then the chances are your pet is a little overweight.

I’m sorry to have to tell you that raw feeding is not an exact science, like us, our pets are individuals and each one of them will need to be fed differently to the next. Feeding our pets is not meant to be simply looking for the breed picture on the side of the bag – but it doesn’t need to be difficult either. We give you a guide, this is a line-in-the-sand but most likely as you become more experienced you will adjust this guide amount to suit your pet. For your convenience you can find our online calculator on most pages of our website.

Remember, I’ll be with you every step of the way, your pets are my pets and I’m here for you. If you’re not sure you only have to ask.

Sammy x