Can be caused by a number of factors, but there are some simple solutions to help alleviate the
condition and help your pet achieve a healthy normal bowel movement.

Important: Raw fed dog stools are very
firm, dry and hard

Stools can be yellow to tan or light brown in colour and still be very normal for your dog.

Signs that your dog is constipated include:

  • Straining for longer than 30 seconds before eliminating.
  • White or very light coloured stools.
  • Crumbly and dry stools.

When transitioning to raw it is more common to experience constipation

This is often temporary. We recommend adding Organic Pumpkin Puree (1-2 tsp) to the raw diet to help. Pumpkin is high in fibre and will help soften the stool.

Every dog’s ability to digest and assimilate nutrients in the raw diet is different.  Often the percentage of ground bone in the diet is often the largest contributing factor that will determine how firm your dog’s stools are. If your dog’s stools are too firm and you are feeding primarily poultry proteins (chicken, turkey and duck) we suggest offering more red meat proteins (beef, pork, lamb, venison). Simply start rotating in more red meat meals.

Some dogs experience constipation on red meat recipes due to the high iron content found in beef, pork and lamb.  If your dog experiences constipation on red meats, rotating proteins with poultry may be an option to consider.  We would also recommend adding fruit and vegetable fibre to the diet.  The easiest is to feed from our Puppy | Adult | SuperBlends menus where fruit and vegetables are included.