By choosing to feed your pet a raw, species appropriate diet, you can certainly prevent diabetes!

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is required for the body to efficiently use sugars, fats, and proteins. Diabetes most commonly occurs in middle age and older dogs and cats, but occasionally occurs in young animals. Certain conditions predispose a dog to developing diabetes such as being overweight, or taking drugs like cortisone to treat inflammation. However, the most common cause for diabetes in dogs and cats is being fed a highly processed, carbohydrate-based diet.

“The reality is that I have not seen one single dog or cat on a raw diet diagnosed with diabetes speaks for itself. Switch to raw, stop feeding processed food and you will reduce the chances of diabetes dramatically.”
 – Dr. Peter Dobais

However, if your pet is diabetic, switching to raw is still likely the most effective way to manage and treat this degenerative disease. Most raw feeders can successfully manage diabetes with dietary changes alone, restoring health to their pet while eliminating the constant concern about blood sugar monitoring and insulin pills or injections.

Dietary Recommendations

When treating a pet with diabetes, the single most important dietary change you can make to your pet’s diet is to eliminate sugar. Most commercial pet foods contain an abundance of sugar to help improve the taste of the food, and this is a huge contributing factor to the development of diabetes in dogs and cats. Carbohydrates, simple starches, and high glycemic foods also contribute to spike blood sugar levels. Even veterinarian approved formulas sold as the solution for diabetic dogs and cats cannot compare to the results seen when choosing to feed raw to your diabetic pet. This is because as a raw diet eliminates all carbohydrates and sugars, and naturally controls the amount of insulin required by your pet. Additionally, LUNA & me diets contain no preservatives, fillers, sugar or salt.

We recommend choosing LUNA & Me Bare recipes versus our Adult or SuperBlends ranges as these contain apples and carrots. Although the fruit and vegetable ratios in our meals is small, for some diabetic dogs even this small amount of naturally occurring sugar can be concerning. Choosing recipes that contain zero sugar is the best way to manage diabetes entirely with diet.

Most pets with diabetes are predisposed to several other serious health concerns such as pancreatitis, and for this reason we suggest limiting red meat (pork, beef and lamb) products to less than 25% of the entire raw diet. For example, 2 meals in 7 is okay.

Choosing meals with a lower fat content is also recommended due to possible pancreatic concerns. The best proteins for diabetic pets are: Duck, Chicken, and Turkey

Monitoring blood sugars during the transition process is helpful to see progress and determine whether your feeding choices are helping to lower blood sugars.


Excellent supplements to add to this diet include:

  • Salmon Oil – 5 ml per 11kgs of body weight
  • SuperBlends Treats are the best choice for diabetic pets because they do not contain fillers, preservatives or sugars.