At Luna & Me we have painstakingly focused on all the big & little things that go into creating an amazing product. Our Little Dinner Patties were developed to satisfy the demands of all those breeds that fall into the small & cute category (Luna!). Providing all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins your little dog needs to live a long, healthy and active life. Our Little Dinner Patties are nutritionally balanced and provide a complete meal; so no need for you to add anything. We’ve reinvented raw food by hand-making our recipes into little dinner patties to provide you with the most convenient (and the cutest) way to serve a raw diet, ever.

We recommend feeding your adult dog 2-3% of his ideal body weight a day, divided into two meals. You can use our Dog Feeding Guide above to determine how many Little Dinner Patties your dog will need.

Little Dinner Patties are perfect portions (50g x 9), specifically created to meet the nutritional needs of small, less active breeds.

Individual Single Portions. Remove only the amount you need. Quick-thaw. No mess, no waste, no fuss!

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