At Luna & Me we’re pioneers of the very best, nutritionally balanced dinners for pets. Our Seniors Club is created for those dogs in their golden years, slowing down but still young at heart. Providing all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins your senior dog needs to enjoy a long, healthy and active retirement. Our seniors dinners are nutritionally balanced and provide a complete meal; so no need for you to add anything. We’ve reinvented raw food by hand-making our recipes into individual portions to provide you with the most convenient way to serve a raw diet, ever.

We recommend feeding your senior dog 2-3% of his ideal body weight a day, divided into two meals. You can use our Dog Feeding Guide above to determine how much your dog will need.

Small breed – Little Dinner Patties perfect portions (50g x 9)
Medium breed – Dinner Patties individual portions (100g x 9)
Large breed – Dinners individual eco-friendly box (750g)

Individual Single Portions. Remove only the amount you need. Quick-thaw. No mess, no waste, no fuss!

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