I am a huge fan of Titer Testing your pets before they are vaccinated. I encourage all of you to ask for this test – which is why I was very excited to hear from Adrian and Bianca, whose dog Ranger has been fed LUNA & me since he was a puppy.

Adrian and Bianca followed my advice and asked their vet to test Ranger and I am delighted that the results reveal that Ranger is Immune and doesn’t need re-vaccinating..!

Adrian and Bianca have been gracious enough to share Ranger’s test results and some beautiful photographs with their LUNA & me family – if you needed proof as to why you should insist on your vet testing your pet before giving them a vaccination, then Ranger’s results should be all the encouragement you need.

Here is what Adrian and Bianca shared about Ranger with us.

‘Ranger is a 16 month old 45KG Northern Inuit boy. Super friendly and loves to play with any and all other dogs.

My wife and I are very sceptical of the whole drugs industry so Titer Testing was an obvious way to go.

Had to get Vaccicheck to contact the vet as they weren’t up to speed (no money in it!).

I’ve attached a few pictures ( the black and white was taken today ) and the test results.’

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Ranger is so handsome and I am so proud that he is part of the LUNA & me family.

Sammy x