The ability for our pets to regulate their body temperature is much more difficult than for humans. Partly, this is because they usually have a layer of hair or fur all over their body, which helps them retain heat, but this limits their ability to sweat to only the pads of their paws.

Panting is how our pets regulate their temperature, which can be quickly overwhelmed when the temperature begins to rise. Be careful in hot weather and remember to keep your pet hydrated.

Pavements and hot cars can be especially dangerous. If you touch the pavement and it is too hot for your hand, then how can you expect your pet to walk on it comfortably? The same goes for a car, never leave your pet in the car unattended in hot weather. Travelling is fine, but only if you are in the car too!

Exercise at the height of the sun is also best avoided. If you normally walk at lunchtime then change-up your routine; early morning and early evening are the best options.

Sammy x