What is the philosophy of raw feeding?

Raw feeding is about feeding dogs and cats the diet they have evolved to eat over millions of years of genetic adaptation. Domesticated dogs and cats may differ in many ways from their wild equivalent but their digestive systems remain virtually unchanged. As such, a raw diet – yes that means feeding your dog and cat fresh raw meats and vegetables really is the best source of nutrition for them. Whilst this may seem outrageous at first, just remember that feeding dogs and cats a raw diet is not a departure from the norm, but rather a return to how they were meant to eat in the first place.

What are the benefits of a raw food diet for a pet?

By eating a natural diet of fresh raw ingredients, dogs and cats receive better nutrition and allow their systems to work as they were designed to work by nature. This, in turn, puts less strain on their organs and, in many cases, allows the animal to lead a longer and healthier life. With a pet’s digestive system not having to constantly struggle to obtain nutrition from an inadequate food source, their body can focus on other matters such as building the immune system and other healing and strengthening processes.

Some of the visible benefits of a raw natural diet are:

Higher energy levels – We’ve noticed we have a lot more energy when we have something healthy for lunch, instead of grabbing something greasy. It’s also true for dogs and cats, when they switch to our natural raw menu they enjoy increased energy levels too.

Healthy bodyweight – Just like people, pets can end up at an unhealthy bodyweight when they eat too many refined carbohydrates, salt or processed ingredients. Our natural, complete and balanced dinners for dogs and cats make for a lean, keen racing-machine physique in practically no time.

Silkier coat and skin – Goodness going in equals a vibrant, outward glow. The skin and coat and even the ears are one of the best ways to get a glimpse of your dog or cats inner health. Since food is key to the total health and wellbeing, lacklustre fur and irritated ears might mean a change in diet is called for. Skin and coat problems are known to improve when pets change to our natural raw dinner patties, and ear infections clear up too.

Better digestion – Tummy troubles can be a frustrating pet health issue. Bunged up, diarrhoea or smelly bottoms can be signs that something in the food isn’t agreeing with them. A healthy natural raw diet can help get the tail-end back on the straight and narrow.

What is the science behind raw feeding?

Like me, you’ll strive for a healthy balanced diet, you intuitively know that health requires variety and freshness, so you avoid eating the same processed foods every day. Medical nutritional research continues to prove that the more processed foods we consume, the more our health suffers. Furthermore recent studies have proved that monotonous, processed diets are a significant factor in increasing the number of pets suffering from the same degenerative diseases plaguing humans; obesity, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, immune disorders, premature ageing, skin and coat problems and more.

Just remember, your own nutritional needs are no less complicated and just as we thrive by eating a variety of fresh natural foods, so can our pets. By feeding your dog or cat a diet of fresh raw ingredients, you give them the benefits of better nutrition and allow their systems to work as it was designed by nature. Feeding a natural diet puts less stress on the body; organs, immune system, nervous system, and provides it with resources to maintain health and ward off disease.

What does the word BARF stand for?

The word BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

The BARF Diet or BARF Feeding Program is about feeding dogs and cats the diet they evolved to eat over millions of years of genetic adaptation. Other equally apt terms include evolutionary diet, natural diet and species appropriate diet.

BARF also stands for The Bones and Raw Food Diet. This is a specific version of the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet that evolution designed for our dogs and our cats.

What are Luna & Me Dinner Patties?

We found ourselves utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect raw pet food. We wanted an ideal way to raw feed: not only healthy, but unquestionably safe, ethical, convenient, and affordable – everyone should have it. We believed every pet deserved the best we can create for them.

We are dreamers. But, more importantly, we are doers. You know what they say, if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.

We tried to think of all the qualities we would want and set about creating the very best natural, nutritionally balanced, raw complete dinners in easy to serve portions that we’ve called Dinner Patties and Dinners.

Made from fresh meat and blended vegetables to make sure your dog or cat gets only the very best unprocessed nutrition. Our quick-thaw, frozen dinner patties are packed with the anti-oxidants, omega fats, minerals and vitamins that have been shown to keep your pet healthy inside and out.

What is the cost comparison of feeding a pet raw food vs. wet or dry?

The cost of feeding a dog or cat Luna & Me raw dinners is comparable to that of high quality wet or dry pet food.

Can I feed a mixture of raw food with dry food?

Luna & Me recommends feeding an all-natural raw diet, without mixing it with any dry foods. The digestion process and time, of dry food is vastly different from the natural raw food dogs and cats are designed to eat. Mixing the two can cause a digestive upset.

The stomach of dogs and cats are naturally acidic, creating an unwelcoming environment for bacteria and aiding in raw food digestion. Feeding dry foods decreases the acid in the stomach and offsets the natural hormonal balance and organ function/interaction related to the natural digestive process. Raw food is easier to digest, and usually takes 4-5 hours to digest. Dry food is more complex and can take 10-12 hours to digest. Furthermore, feeding raw and dry together allows for the possibility of raw meat sitting in the digestive tract for longer periods of time. Because the acids that are naturally present in the animal’s stomach are depleted during dry food digestion, it leaves the system vulnerable to bacteria and parasites.

In summary, feeding a mixed diet requires the digestive system to have to continually readjust to processing dry food and puts unnecessary strain on the dog or cat’s internal organs.

If feeding dry food is unavoidable, then we suggest alternating dinners between our raw dinner patties and dry rather than mixing the two i.e. dinner patties in the morning and dry in the evening. Allowing time for the digestive system to regain its natural PH level after feeding a dry food dinner.

Can the products be cooked or warmed in a microwave?

No, our products should not be cooked or heated in a microwave. To maintain the nutritional value, it’s important to keep the food raw and in its natural state. It would be a shame to see you eliminate all the benefits of a raw diet by cooking it before it’s served. Plus, we add raw, ground bone to our food. And while raw bone is incredibly safe and an essential part of a pet’s diet, it becomes brittle and can splinter when cooked; this poses an unnecessary danger to your animals! Bottom line, please don’t cook up all the goodness that help your pet thrive.

Why do the patties sometimes look, smell or feel different?

Just like the food we eat, everything isn’t always identical. Our products are made in small batches using natural ingredients. And while there’s never any change in the recipe or the ingredients we use, you may occasionally see variations between batches. The differences are safe and normal in a natural product like ours.

Why are the meals from Luna & Me frozen?

Preserving food by freezing is one of the oldest and most efficient methods of food processing. Our freezing process gently freezes our natural raw ingredients, but still maintains all the nice vitamins and minerals that we get by using real fruit, vegetables and meat.

In fact, our Dinner Patties are handmade; everything is prepared in small quantities, then frozen on the same day to preserve quality and freshness. Nothing is mass produced.

How long is raw food safe in my freezer/fridge?

Once thawed, dinner patties should be refrigerated when not being fed and should be used within two days. Do not leave dinner patties out in your dog’s bowl for more than 15 minutes. Dogs do not graze – any food that has not been consumed within that time should be refrigerated for the next dinner time.

What does human grade mean?

Human Grade means food grade or fit for human consumption. For us, it’s a line in the sand about the quality and integrity of the finished dinner patties we send you. Human grade isn’t a marketing buzzword. We create our nutritious raw menu for dogs and cats as if we were creating our own dinners. So, we abide by the same strict standards for safety, cleanliness, record-keeping and overall quality as the place that whips up your favourite foods.

Is all pet food human-grade?

We wish all pet food was as wholesome as ours, but that one’s still a bit of a pipe dream. Old-fashioned pet food like dry and canned food is feed grade, which means it might include not-so-tasty by-products, chemicals, fillers and other ingredients that have been condemned as unfit for human consumption (like dying, diseased, disabled or deceased animals). We wouldn’t choose that for our human family, and we don’t think our animal family deserve it either.

Can the packaging be recycled?

We like to dream big and we understand that even the smallest decisions can have big impacts.

That’s why all of our packaging is recyclable and yes, that does include our expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes, that keep your food frozen for as long as possible. These boxes are environmentally friendly in that they do not contain any CFC or HCHC gases that are harmful to the ozone layer. EPS is fully recyclable.

Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials and can easily be recycled or reused.

Our Dinners boxes are completely bio-degradable or can easily be recycled.

Our Dinner Patties trays are environmentally friendly and easily recycled.

Our Treats bags are environmentally friendly and easily recycled.

Are these products exclusive to Luna & Me?

Yes. Yes. And, yes again. Sorry for the redundancy, but we believe so much in creating a better product and company that we’ve lost sleep so you don’t have to. Our team has been hyper-vigilant with the details to ensure your pet’s health and well-being – so you can rest easy (and more!). We’ve developed some of the most innovative, effective, convenient, natural dog and cat products you can’t find anywhere else.

We have painstakingly focused on all the big & little things that go into creating an amazing product and service. We’ve been trying to think of everything and continually work to improve our efforts on every front. If you noticed we missed anything, or have a new recommendation, please – we want to hear from you!

What if I have questions?

Then let’s talk it out! One of my favourite things about having this website is hearing from you. You tell me about your pets and you share with me your hilarious stories, your photos and your experiences. Your emails and letters make me smile, cry, laugh, scratch my head and weep from uncontrollable laughter. Seriously though, your notes make my day!

Luna & I totally understand that you want to make the best choices for your pet and sometimes you have a question that you just need to ask, after all, each and every one of our furry family is unique, precious and mean the world to us. So no matter what your question, Luna & I promise we will try our best to answer – after all we want you to be part of our family and help us too.

What is the Luna & Me difference?

We know there are lots of different options when it comes to pet food companies.Luna & Me isn’t like any of them! We developed Luna & Me products to help pet owners provide a high quality, versatile natural raw diet to their dogs and cats. Our products offer the ultimate in convenience, quality, balance and selection – giving you the freedom to make healthy choices that meet the individual needs of your pet.

The safety of the food we produce is always top priority!

We have excellent HACCP plan (Hazard and Critical Control Point) in place and all our raw foods comply with the legal trading requirements of the APHA inspections and carry out all required microbiology testing. Our Manufacturing Facilities are registered by DEFRA as a registered plant.