Pet Food, its a tricky subject!

There’s a lot of confusion about what we should and what we shouldn’t feed our pets, most of the information out there, is from commercial pet food companies who have become a defining force in how we feed our pets. Sadly, these companies have taken pet feeding a long way from nature and by doing so, a long way from optimal health.

Step back with me for a moment and think about this…

Commercial pet food has only been around for the last fifty years or so, before that our pets led perfectly happy, healthy lives with much less need for medical intervention, being fed what came naturally, kitchen-table-scraps, left-overs, off-cuts and bones from the local butcher.

Why is it then, that we have allowed commercial pet food companies to convince us that we are incapable of providing our animals with healthy nutritious meals without corporate intervention, and that something artificial is better than something natural?

Lets think about our own nutrition…

Like me, you’ll strive for a healthy balanced diet, you intuitively know that health requires variety and freshness, so you avoid eating the same processed foods every day. Medical nutritional research continues to prove that the more processed foods we consume, the more our health suffers.

Furthermore recent studies have proved that monotonous, processed diets are a significant factor in increasing the number of pets suffering from the same degenerative diseases plaguing humans; obesity, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, immune disorders, premature ageing, skin and coat problems and more.

It may seem overwhelming, but really is it just common-sense?

Just remember, your own nutritional needs are no less complicated and just as we thrive by eating a variety of fresh natural foods, so can our pets.

By feeding your dog or cat a diet of fresh raw ingredients, you give them the benefits of better nutrition and allow their systems to work as it was designed by nature. Feeding a natural diet puts less stress on the body; organs, immune system, nervous system, and provides it with resources to maintain health and ward off disease.

So what do I think is the best diet for your dog and cat…

Oh that’s easy! You only have to look at the biological design of your pet and how their digestive system is designed to obtain nutrition to answer this question.

Domesticated dogs and cats may differ in many ways from their wild equivalent but their digestive systems remain virtually unchanged. As such, a raw diet – yes that means feeding your dog and cat fresh raw meats and vegetables really is the best source of nutrition for them.

Whilst this may seem outrageous at first, just remember that feeding dogs and cats a raw diet is not a departure from the norm but rather a return to how they were meant to eat in the first place.

Last word…

Don’t forget, most commercial dog foods are marketed for the convenience of owners not the benefits of their pets.