The first two dogs I owned during my adult life, Amber & Cassie set me on the dog training road, these two and my other nine puppies have taught and given me, so much.

This article answers the puppy questions I get asked the most –

1) Establish a routine.

Most of you will collect your new puppy at around 8 weeks of age and its never to early to establish a routine, especially around food.

Puppies need to be fed 4 x a day until they are four months old.
3 x day from four months until they are six months old.
2 x day from six months and then for the rest of their life.

I try to feed my puppies at around the same time every day, so when they first come home, its 6am / 10am / 2pm / 6pm.
Then it goes to 6am / 12 noon / 6pm.
Then 6am / 6pm.

I try not to feed after 6pm, as this allows me to ensure that they use the bathroom whenever I am ready for bed and I’m not waiting around at midnight for them to go.

2) Weigh puppies regularly.

It’s impossible to feed your puppy correctly if you don’t know how much they weigh. A week is a long time in a puppies life and they change/grow extrodinarly fast.

I weigh my puppies every week, on the same day, its all part of my routine. I use a kitchen scale, when they are young and small enough. Then use the bathroom scales, stand on yourself and record the weight, stand on with your puppy and deduct the difference.

You can use this time to carry out other routine tasks, such as nail clipping.

Remember you don’t need a new puppy to follow these tips. Try these with your adult dogs, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Sammy x