I really mean it when I say; ‘I treat every dog in the Luna & me family, as if they were my own’!

My advice and recommendations come first, from an expert perspective. Second, from experience, and third, from what ‘I would do if they were mine’…

Sometimes one of your pups takes a bigger slice of my heart, and no more so than when its a poorly puppy.

Little Corky had some devastating news from the vet, and needed to have some invasive and specialist surgery, right before Christmas.

Corky and his brother have been part of the Luna & me family since they were weaned. The news was both unexpected and terrifying for his family. I was honoured to be able to support Corky’s mum throughout this process.

So when I got a message from her – that things had taken a turn for the worst and she was struggling with Corky’s aftercare, of course I dropped everything to help. I am delighted to be able to tell you that my advice was successful and little Corky is now making a good recovery.

You can read (unedited) what Corky’s mum recently told me, below…

‘As a rule, I don’t generally give reviews but sometimes that rule goes out the window. That’s the case with Luna & Me. It’s not just the high quality of food, the fast service and new more comprehensive range of goodies available; it’s that extra mile that Sammy the owner is happy to go.

Both my dogs have been brought up on Luna & Me patties and, for a breed who are notoriously picky eaters, it’s so rewarding to see a nice clean food bowl every time. For any owner who has a picky eater then you’ll know what a relief that can be. As well as saving you a small fortune in wasted food!

Just before Christmas, my 8 month old puppy Corky, had to have major surgery on one of his front legs. As you can imagine, we were devastated. Strict crate rest following surgery has been a nightmare. For a puppy whose life was romping around in a big garden playing with his brother, and generally acting like crazy puppies do, then to be shut in a crate 24/7 was against everything a puppy is programmed to do. Within days we had huge problems stopping him from hurting himself trying to get out of his crate, in fact at one point he did hurt himself and that set him back a couple of weeks. I was tearing my hair out trying to find ways to keep him occupied but, most of all, trying to stop him from scratching with his front legs to get out of the crate. It was one of the main things the surgeon had told me he mustn’t do.

Sammy at Luna & Me heard what was happening. Without hesitation she was straight on the phone to me offering her help. It was just a couple of days before Christmas so was propbably one of her busiest times of the year especially with the recent new launch of goodies. That didn’t make any difference to Sammy, she spent a good hour on the phone to me talking through ways I could help Corky and generally supporting me and giving me confidence in the way forward. Within a day Corky had stopped scratching to get out of his crate. Instead of me sitting on the floor beside him all day trying to keep him amused and stopping him hurting himself I could sit on the sofa and watch him from there, you’ve no idea how good that felt – my back was especially grateful! What’s more, Corky has made such good progress now.

I was truly feeling out of my depth but Sammy’s knowledge of canine behaviour as well as nutrition really helped. She’s caring, compassionate as well as tremendously knowledgeable and genuinely more than happy to help where she can, that’s what makes Sammy and Luna & Me special. I can’t thank her enough.’

Heather & Corky