How We’re Made

Dinner Patties; so much more than before. And so much less, too.

  • Rawvolutionary®

    Creating entirely new dinner patties, meant reinventing raw food.

  • It doesn't seem possible.

    That a raw food with so much - 100% natural, fresh meat, ground bone, blended vegetables, superfoods - could be individually portioned and frozen.

  • But it is.

    In fact, our dinner patties are handmade; everything is prepared in small quantities, then frozen on the same day to preserve quality and freshness. Nothing is mass produced.

  • Easy to use.

    Keep frozen until ready to use. Remove only the amount you need. Quick-thaw 1-2 hours!

  • Packaging.

    Another brilliant feature;
    No mess, no waste, no fuss!

  • We pack every order
    by hand.

    In specialist protective packaging and use overnight couriers - ensuring your food arrives in perfect condition.