As with all of our ingredients, we take great care with sourcing and choose only the best products available. In the case of Salmon Oil we only use oil from ‘Wild Salmon’ which is regularly tested for heavy metals and PCBs.

Our salmon oil manufacturer states; ‘We regularly test our wild salmon oil for heavy metals and PCBs. In all the years of producing our own oil, we haven’t seen any analysis with measurable content of mercury, cadmium or lead. PCBs occur in extremely low amounts – far less than allowable in human foods. In many ways testing wild salmon makes testing a little bit of a formality, unlike farmed salmon oils, which usually test positive for measurable amounts of everything.’

Unlike other producers we will never choose the cheapest/most convenient/easily available option, everything we do is considered – we believe so much in creating a better product and company that we’ve lost sleep over it, we are hyper-vigilant with the details to ensure your pet’s health and well-being, and we think it shows.

Sammy x