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  • This was me at 6 weeks old. Wasn’t I a cutie

  • Me and my Dad. I am growing very fast , 9 weeks old here and already enjoying my puppy power food

  • I needed lots of yummy food to keep my energy up for lots of lovely walks on holiday in scotland

  • This was me looking very dapper at Crufts. Just look at my beautiful shiny coat

  • The Hooman decided i needed to wear a bib as i always have a wet beard. I think i look rather handsome


Briard | Adult

Hello , my name is Baxter. I am a 19 month old beautiful black Briard. Well thats what my Hoomans think and I’m pretty sure most of you will agree when you see my photos. I have lived with my Hoomans since I was 8 weeks old. My Hooman Mum was determined to feed me a raw food diet as she knew that was the best food to keep me healthy and happy. She tells me that she did lots and lots of research before i arrived to try and find what she considered to be the best food out there. She started by visiting the All About Dog Food website and came up with a shortlist of Raw food, she then contacted the companies on that list, she says she was so impressed after speaking with Sammy from LUNA & me that she was convinced that LUNA & me was the way forward.

I started out with Puppy Power food which gave me everything l needed to make sure i grew up to be a big strong boy and my goodness you should see what a handsome fella l am. Once i was a year old my Hooman contacted the lovely team at LUNA & me to ask about food for big boys, they recommended LUNA & me growing up box. I was very excited to try lots of new flavours and decided l wasn’t so keen on the chicken or turkey flavoure so my hooman ordered the flavours l like.

I would really like to tell you about my achievements in my short life, well i am first and foremost the most loving, happy, healthy pup and i have lots of fun exploring the Northamptonshire countryside, l go to dog training once a week and have just passed my level 2 obedience award and i am also a show boy. I came 2nd in my class at crufts this year and have lots of red rosettes from other shows. In fact l am taking the hoomans to Malvern this weekend where I have not one but two shows to attend, i will try to win some more red rosettes as i know it makes the hoomans very proud. Of course the Coconut Crunch and Kelp Kisses treats that arrive with my food help are always a welcome reward when I’m a good boy.

People always comment on my beautiful flowing shiny coat and my Hooman Mum never hesitates to tell them she is sure its down to feeding the best food out there, LUNA & me, she hopes that maybe she has converted some of my buddies hoomans to feed LUNA & me. Oh and another thing, I haven’t had any nasty chemicals given to me as after talking to Sammy about vaccinations and worming Mum was confident that once I'd had my puppy jabs and wormer she would do worm count tests every 3 months and have a titre test once a year and so far I haven’t needed any nasty chemicals. No nasty wriggly worms in my tummy. I hope you have enjoyed my story as much as i have enjoyed telling it, i must confess that my hooman had to type it for me as my big paws just couldn’t cope with the keyboard.

If you love your boy or girl as much as my hoomans love me then please feed them LUNA & me you will make your best friend very happy and healthy just like me. Just one more thing before i go, the Hoomans love taking me on holiday to have lots of exciting adventures and those lovely people at LUNA & me make sure that enough food is delivered to our holiday home to keep me well fed after lots of lovely walks.

Lots of love and licks, Baxter Boy

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  • Adult Dandy Duck Mince
  • Adult Luna's Lamb Mince
  • Adult Porky Pork Mince
  • Puppy Power Mince
  • SuperBlends Coconut Crunch
  • SuperBlends Kelp Kisses
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