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Cockapoo | Adult

Our 3yr old Cockapoo Bella was always a “fussy” eater, we tried everything to make meals more fun! When our puppy came along we took the plunge into the world of raw which had always seemed very scary! Our puppy gobbled up her first meal and this encouraged Bella to try some! With guidance from Sammy we found ways of getting Bella to eat and now they both hoover up their patties! The lamb, beef and duck ones are definitely their favourites and the treats go down a storm also! We have been using LUNA & me for nearly 2 yrs now and the girls are thriving, healthy, energetic and full of life! Brilliant food and reasonably priced!

Bella loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Everyday Box, Patties
  • Gentle Essentials Box, Patties
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