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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Adult

We have now been on LUNA & me for several years and to say it has changed our dog's life for the better is an understatement! (Not just that but has saved us a fortune in vet bills)

Bobby had all the usual cavalier issues, he had reoccurring yeast infections on his ears and paws so would constantly be itching and scratching and require vet intervention to clear up. He also has doggy IBS so spent a couple of years on tinned prescribed food (yuk!). Anyway the prescribed food did not help his stomach problems and it felt like it made the yeast infections worse, so after spending thousands of pounds in the vets I decided to try a research ways to naturally help him. I found an amazing Facebook page with 1000’s of followers and vets to give free advice, which is where I saw all the Info on switching to a raw fed diet.

I was sceptical at first as I don’t have the time to prepare the raw diet at home but then I found LUNA & me. I couldn’t believe how easy it would be to switch his diet, the food gets delivered to my door and comes ready prepared in patties that you just defrost and more smelly tinned food :)

Since the day we switched we have not looked back! we haven’t had a single yeast infection since and his tummy and bowel movements are just as they should be. his weight is great and his fur coat is softer than ever. Despite many UK vets not agreeing with a raw fed diet, even they commented how healthy he is looking. I now highly reccommend a raw diet to all my friends and family. So thank you LUNA & me for keeping our Bobby fit and healthy

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