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Bobby and Lucy

Border Collie | Adult

Bobby and Lucy are my two beautiful merle border collies. They are brother and sister (2 years apart) but also the best of friends. They are silly, playful and love going on adventures. Bobby is loyal but nervous with new people and noise sensitive. Lucy is outgoing, friendly and a little ball of sass. When i’m not working (I’m a RN in NICU) you’ll find me snuggling with them both (they’re little sloths) or running around the moors with them. They’re my little shadows and come everywhere with us.

They have always been fed a raw diet due to the benefits for their general health, dental hygiene, joint maintenance and digestive health. Despite them always loving raw food they have gone through picky phases. Bobby went off the texture of minces and Lucy has always only liked chunks. Then we found LUNA & me patties and haven’t looked back. They both LOVE them. It’s easily stacked in their chest freezer and it doesn’t take up much room so we can take it on holiday with us. The variety on offer ensures they get a mixture of low/high fat proteins and all the minerals/vitamins they need to stay perfect. It also helps their beautiful long coats stay shiny and fluffy.

Both of them love every flavour and will always try and hoover up any crumbs left in their bowls. Whenever the patties are pulled out of the freezer I immediately have two piggies appear like magic and sit at the side of me. It truly is the best food (and the customer service is just the best, they really care about your doggies). It’s the brand I always recommend to people. Thanks for keeping my piggies happy and healthy ♥️

Bobby and Lucy love these LUNA & me products:

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  • Adult Chick, Chick Chicken Patties
  • Adult Dandy Duck Patties
  • Adult Glorious Goat Patties
  • Adult Luna's Lamb Patties
  • Adult Perky Turkey Patties
  • Adult Porky Pork Patties
  • Adult Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
  • Adult Tender Beef Patties
  • Puppy Power Patties
  • SuperBlends Delicious Beef & Venison Patties
  • SuperBlends Lovely Lamb & Turkey Patties
  • SuperBlends Seniors' Club Patties
  • SuperBlends Wild Venison & Duck Patties
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