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Bulldog | Adult

We got Bryan from a reputable breeder during lockdown. He is an Old English Bulldogge-like a bulldog but with long legs and long tail! He has such a funny character, absolutely loves dogs, people- especially children. We started him on another raw food brand but then soon realised he has lots of food intolerances.

Then on the recommendation of a friend we started feeding him LUNA & me -Bare Turkey Patties and haven’t looked back. The bare patties are excellent for dogs (and cats) that can’t have vegetables and they are also single protein. His coat is soo glossy and his teeth soo clean. I always recommend LUNA & me as the patties are easy to deal with- we started with the mince blocks but the patties are more convenient. Being 30kgs he has 800g a day- 4 patties for breakfast and 4 for dinner. All very easy!

Bryan has soo much energy from being raw fed. People always say for a bullbreed they cant believe how fast he runs- especially when running for his ball. I always say that I wouldn't feed anything to my dog that I wouldn't be prepared to eat myself. This food is of excellent quality and ingredients. He licks his bowl clean every time. He also loves his treats- he had a SuperBlends Coconut Crunch and Kelp Kisses every day.

If he is feeling under the weather or in from a cold walk I give him some SuperBlends Bone Broth! Which he loves!! I love that LUNA & me now have a perks section, where you get points for purchases and reviewing the products. Thank you LUNA & me

Bryan loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Bare Perky Turkey Patties
  • Naturals Yakers
  • SuperBlends Bone Broth
  • SuperBlends Coconut Crunch
  • SuperBlends Kelp Kisses
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