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Coton De Tulear | Adult

I wanted to share our experience with our little buddy, a Coton de Tulear, and how we managed to turn his life around with some love, care, and a crucial change in his diet.

We adopted our furry friend from a previous owner who, quite frankly, didn’t know the first thing about taking care of a dog. He was fed some real bottom-of-the-barrel dry food. You know, the type that comes in the huge, generic bags and doesn’t really seem to excite any pet. From the start, our buddy seemed down in the dumps. He was constantly anxious, lethargic, and just not the happy pup we were expecting. It was clear that he hadn’t been treated well, and his mood reflected this. His dental hygiene was a nightmare - poor little dude ended up having to have 17 teeth removed.

We started off feeding him the same food he was used to, but quickly realized that this just wasn't cutting it. We experimented with different brands, types, flavors - everything under the sun. Nothing really worked until we tried LUNA & me. The transformation was like something out of a fairy tale. The moment we switched to LUNA & me, our pup went from being just okay with his meals to absolutely loving them. He started jumping around, howling with excitement, and running in circles whenever it was mealtime. And for the first time since we brought him home, he would finish his food. What was even more remarkable was the shift in his mood and energy levels. Our anxious little boy turned into a spirited, joyful pup - a complete 180 from where he started. I can't say for certain that the change in food was the sole reason for this, but it definitely played a significant role. Even his dental hygiene started improving. His breath could still peel paint off the walls on occasion, but we noticed the plaque was way more controlled than before. Plus, his runny stools became a thing of the past. His bowel movements were healthier, and he was obviously more comfortable.

All in all, our experience with LUNA & me has been extremely positive. It's not just a matter of our pup enjoying his food, but it has contributed to his overall health, happiness, and wellbeing. While it wasn’t a magic solution to all his problems, it definitely helped transform him from an anxious, under-nourished dog into a lively, cheerful companion. I wanted to share this story not as an advertisement, but as a testament to how much a change in diet can influence a pet's quality of life. It’s been an amazing journey with LUNA & me, and seeing our little Coton de Tulear’s transformation has been incredibly heartwarming.

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