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Cavapoo | Adult

I had noticed that my dog was being sick quite often and didn't know the reason, when I researched the food he had been on previously I saw what a bad rating it had. I was really upset that I had been feeding him such bad food and instantly looked for what had the best reviews where LUNA & me came up. I checked reviews etc and bought some to give it a try.

As soon as it came my dog was so excited and he loved it. We noticed a difference in him straight away even with other family members mentioning how much healthier he not only seems but he looks a lot leaner as well. We also noticed his anal glands haven't been an issue anymore as well he has not been scratching his ears anymore. We had taken him to the vets a few times regarding his ears and they told us there was nothing wrong, turns out it must have been something wrong with the food he was eating before.

Now we would use any other food other than the patties which he loves as well as the treats as he now won't eat any of his other treats! We did notice that when we first got the patties he loved some and didn't take to the others for example the duck he didn't seem to like, after emailing the staff about this they were very helpful and advised the difference in dogs taste buds and to try feeding it in different ways, when we found this out we started putting the duck on a lick mat and freezing it and he now loves this as well. I was really grateful that the staff got back to me so quickly and offered genuinely helpful advice rather than just ignoring my messages like most other brands would do. I also love how quickly the food comes and that it is on On Repeat so we can just rely on it coming, it makes it so much easier than doing a dash to the shops when we have run out of food, it always comes when it says it will so we know we would never be without food for our baby.

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