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Maine Coon | Adult

I first started to use LUNA & me for our two sphynx cats Loki and Luna who are now three years old and were brought up on raw food. I did a lot of research into raw as needed to have a good protein content as they burn energy more than other cats and came across LUNA & me which we have been using a while.

When we got Draco our Maine Coon he was on royal canine kibble so decided to keep him on that as thought it would be too expensive having all three of them on raw. We noticed a big difference in his stools compared to our other two and that he tried to steal their food and leave his own. We then decided to try him on raw and started with the Kitten Power Patties, which he loved to start with and had no problems transitioning him from the kibble to the raw.

We then noticed him start trying to steal our other cats food again and leaving his own. So we started mixing a bit of the adult patties in with the kitten ones until he was old enough to have the adult ones, which seemed to sort the issue. He seems to prefer the adult flavours to the chicken kitten patties as he is very picky so we were glad when he was old enough to go on the adult.

All three of them now love LUNA & me and we get the Essentials box, which is good value topped up with a few venison ones as that seems to be their favourite. They are also easy to store in the freezer, especially when theres 3 of them and the patties make them so much more convenient to portion and take to the cattery for them when we go away.

Draco loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Essential Cat Box, Patties
  • Essential Divine Duck Patties
  • Essential Sensational Beef Patties
  • Essentials Tempting Turkey Patties
  • RawBlends Tasty Turkey & Wild Venison
  • RawBlends Whisker Lickin' Chicken
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