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  • Frankie 2021. Overweight with mobility issues and a bit depressed.

  • Frankie 2023. Slim, agile, alert and glowing with health happiness and vitality.


Miniature Pinscher | Senior

Frankie's story

Frankie is a nine year old Miniature Pincher who has an obsession with food. As a loving mum i wanted to make him happy, so he'd have lots of treats and snacks, and a good brand off-the-shelf dog food. I was totally uneducated in what food to keep my dog healthy, and I see now he was basically living off junk food ( poor boy ). As Frankie got older I noticed the weight creeping up and his joints becoming stiff, he couldn't even jump up on my bed anymore. ( it upset me terribly ) so I started cutting out grain in his food and adding fish oil to his meals which helped a little, but not much.

Frankie was still fat in pain and a bit depressed. That's when I turned to the internet and started searching for ways to improve Frankie's life. Raw food kept coming up and suddenly it was so obvious ( it's a dogs natural diet right ) I began looking for a good raw dog food supplier. LUNA & me was being mentioned a lot and everything I heard was positive. It will be a year next month since Frankie started eating raw with LUNA & me. He's had such a turnaround, he is now a slim happy healthy boy with a spring in his step and I'm forever being asked how old my puppy is. ( And no assistance is needed to jump up onto my bed )

Frankie and Mummy

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