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Jasper and Winston

Bengal | Senior

Hello! I have two bengals called Jasper and Winston, they are 11 (nearly 12) and 8 years old and have been on LUNA & me for 2 years. I decided to make the switch to raw after years of Winston struggling to keep weight on and do any kind of firm poos. I tried every wet food and kibble and all the brands gave him a sore tummy, we even tried other raw brands and the ingredients didn't suit him and made Jasper sick due to the mixes of offal not being truthful. I decided to try LUNA & me after hearing about it online and liked immediately the honesty in the ingredients and the 100g patties that are easy to thaw and serve.

Two years on and my boys have the most energy they've ever had and people often comment that they do not act their age! Every morning after their breakfast they climb the doors and scream the house down, chasing each other and wrestling causing as much mayhem as they can before settling down for their nap waiting for their lunch. Winston has gained muscle and a thin, healthy layer of fat that was non existent before. All his poos are now firm and no longer stinks the house out every time he goes in the litter tray.

I also supplement feed LUNA & me to my 3 Spaniels. India is 6 years old, Fiji is 4 and Paris is also 4 years old. I feed them raw before we compete in agility to give them a big boost in energy and strength. It doesn't swell in their stomach like kibble would and digests easier, letting their bodies focus on the muscle groups they need to compete. I feed them 100g before every big training session and competition. With the power of Patties we managed to bag a spot on team Scotland in the World Agility Championships that is held in the Netherlands in May 2023. Paris and I will be fighting hard to bring home a podium place!

Jasper and Winston love these LUNA & me products:

  • Budget Box, Patties
  • Essential Divine Duck Patties
  • RawBlends Marvellous Beef & Duck
  • RawBlends Purr-fect Lamb & Chicken
  • RawBlends Tasty Turkey & Wild Venison
  • RawBlends Whisker Lickin' Chicken
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