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LUNA & me


Vizsla | Adult

Our lovely Vizsla Luna, has been eating kibble since she was a pup. We’ve constantly struggled with boredom, therefore had to switch up recipes a lot. Including changing brands a handful of times. We have also had issues with her anal glands. We were advised to try raw food and came across LUNA & me (perfect name!) and haven’t looked back! Luna whines for her food which she has never ever done before. She’s not a huge fan of chicken/Turkey, never has been, but she loves the other flavours! We add sardines to the bird selections she isn’t as keen on, and still eats it all!

Her anal gland issues seem to be no more. It’s been an incredible change. Her stools are so much harder and she doesn’t go as frequently. The food itself comes packaged great and stores easily in the freezer. We get the patties and there is no smell whatsoever. We have loved the change just as much as Luna and only wish we’d done this sooner!

Luna loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Everyday Box, Patties
  • Gentle Essentials Box, Patties
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