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Cockapoo | Adult

Our little cockapoo Maisie had a rough ride with her tummy from the moment we got her home when she was 8 weeks old. Nothing the vet prescribed helped to firm up her poo and we were getting a bit desperate. She'd lost her appetite and the runny poo's were never ending! A friend of ours recommended we try raw and suggested speaking to Sammy at LUNA & me. Sammy was so helpful and answered our million questions - we felt we had nothing to lose and placed an order. It's Maisie's 5th birthday today and she's never missed a day of LUNA & me since! Her coat is glossy her teeth are clean and bright and no more runny poo. We recommend LUNA & me to anyone that listens!

Maisie loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Adult Beefy Beef Patties
  • Adult Dandy Duck Patties
  • Adult Glorious Goat Patties
  • Adult Perky Turkey Patties
  • Adult Porky Pork Patties
  • Adult Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
  • SuperBlends Lovely Lamb & Turkey Patties
  • Naturals Bare Bones - Beef
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