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Cavapoo | Adult

When we first got milo as a puppy at 10 weeks of age, we were told that he was a fussy eater and very picky about what food/treats he eats, we tried so many brands of food and types of food, from wet to dry.

I was always put off feeding my dog raw food just from the thought of it, but after hearing amazing reviews from friends who also have Cavapoos and use LUNA & me, my decision to try them was made easy. I ordered a Puppy Starter pack to try Milo on it, and from the moment the patties touched his plate, he loved it and wanted more. And that’s still the case 2 years down the line.

He has an intolerance to chicken but that doesn’t matter, as there are so many flavours to choose from, he loves the beef and the duck. He’s licking his plate constantly after every meal wanting more.

If your ever worried about wether your feeding your dog enough for each meal, LUNA & me also have a food calculator which tells you how much you should be feeding your pet based on their weight, all the stress is taken away.

The deliveries are very quick and prompt, even if you leave it last minute they arrive within days. I also like to order Milo some tasty treats. His favourites are the Yakers and Live a Littles. He's always at his treat cupboards pawing for more.

By feeding Milo LUNA & me I know he is getting a healthy meal every meal, which is full of the right nutrients and blends he needs to keep him happy. He is very rarely poorly or sick and I put that down to the food that he eats, it’s such a relief knowing he is eating correctly rather some of the rubbish packed foods there are on the market. I wouldn’t go to another food brand.

Milo loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Adult Beefy Beef Patties
  • Adult Dandy Duck Patties
  • Adult Luna's Lamb Patties
  • Bare Beefy Beef Patties
  • Bare Dandy Duck Patties
  • Naturals Yakers
  • SuperBlends Live-a-Littles
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