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LUNA & me
  • Pancake (right) and Coconut (left)

  • Pancake (right) and Coconut (left)


Persian | Adult

We have 2 cats - Pancake (full Persian) and Coconut (half Persian). We had previously tried various brands of wet and dry food, and no matter what we tried, Pancake would always have digestion issues, especially runny poo. Because of this, poor Pancake needed a bath almost daily! Vet recommended wet food hadn't worked either, so we were quite desperate to find something to help us and Pancake relax a bit from the constant bathing and cleaning.

Coconut on the other hand, had no digestion issues, but was quite a fussy eater, so naturally the only wet food that Pancake could eat, she would not. We had heard that raw food could help cats with digestion issues, so we decided to give LUNA & Me a go after seeing an introductory offer. Both cats loved the food, and it stopped all of Pancake's digestive issues! We then decided to order a month's worth of food, to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Sure enough, Pancake's runny poo had stopped (and to this day hasn't returned!) We found that the LUNA & Me food turned their poos into quite dry, small, solid lumps. This has really helped cut down on mess, and the cats don't struggle with going to their litter tray. The one down side to this is that sometimes the lumps get stuck to their fur (both have long hair!) and can fall off in random places around the house, but because they're solid, clean up is very easy.

Furthermore, we noticed that our cats fur is healthier and overall in a better condition. Both our cats love LUNA & me. The only thing that can be annoying is that because Pancake is such a ravenous eater, he can sometimes splash the juices of the meat on the floor or the wall near his feeding bowl!

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