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Spaniel (Field) | Adult

We have used LUNA & me for a few years now and the quality has always been exceptional, our working Cocker was always fussy with food from a young age but we found that raw was the way forward and the setup for LUNA's repeat service meant we have a fair deal with regular monthly delivered that are always very reliable and now with a rewards scheme which serves the longest loyal customers well, something you don’t see enough these days so thank you LUNA & me.

We wanted a food plan that offers variety in terms of flavour and nutrition and so opted for the luxuary indulgence package once a month as it offers a varied mix and our dog Rosie defiantly prefers the difference from Turkey to Duck! Very conveniently packaged as we use the patties that mean we can break her meal up throughout the day. Delivery has always been reliable and even in the event of a delay with the product it’s dispatched in a way that keeps the food fresh for a few days in transit so you won’t be without if it comes late as the food will be preserved. You can arrange when to have to food dispatched and even have it left outside with the courier so you don’t have to wait and sign for it if need be. Also feel the size of the products fit nicely into our freezer so we can often get a whole indulgence parcel into half of our fridge freezer leaving enough room for other foods.

Like I say we’ve been using it for years now and will probably continue to do so as we recently spoke to our vet about changing diet suited for our dogs age and even their advice was if your dog is eating and enjoying then why change it, we’ll probably move onto the senior products soon and I’m sure she will enjoy that as well.

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  • Adult Dandy Duck Patties
  • Adult Perky Turkey Patties
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