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  • Not many cats look this good 3 years into kidney disease!


Retriever (Labrador) | Puppy

Switching my cat to raw food was a total game changer, she was in the last stages of kidney disease and was due to be sent over rainbow bridge, when I tried her on raw food and she immediately picked up. This was over 3 years ago and we still have her today. Her condition is stable and she is looking very well despite her health. (Disclaimer: I am not a vet I can only speak from personal experience)

When we decided to get a puppy, I immediately knew that we would opt for a raw diet after seeing the health benefits with the cat. Rupert has grown to be a stunning, healthy, level headed boy. Everywhere he goes, we get comments on how shiny he is. For a very brief period (between deliveries) he had shop bought dog food and his behaviour completely changed. He was fizzy, naughty and hard to control. He is a very lively boy but I do believe the grain free/starch/low carb raw diet really helps to keep him manageable.

We use the patties as we are a veggie household, and I find the patties very easy to portion, handle and they are very well packaged. To add to this, I recently contacted a few litter mates and I was surprised to discover Rupert is nearly double their weight and size. Being a mixed breed there will obviously be variations within the litter but I believe the pure goodness he is fed, has allowed him to grow to his full potential. I also was told of stomach upsets and sensitivities with their stomachs and skin which is something we haven’t had with Roo.

When we first picked him up, he had itchy ears which I now think was the puppy kibble he was started on by the breeder. We are now transitioning to adult food, where I think he will relish the variety but I am so proud of his progress so far. He starts agility club as he turns one and I am really looking forward to seeing him channel his energy.

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