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Mixed Breed (cat) | Adult

I have had cats all my adult life and in recent years fed them dry food. My 6 year old tabby died of kidney failure which set off the first alarm bell. Sebastian was weaned on dry food and I continued with a premium brand. At around a year the vet alerted me to some problems with his gums which she suspected were a result of his allergy to plaque. The only solution she could offer was either medication to dampen his immune system or tooth extraction, neither of which seemed a good idea to me.

I did a bit of research and found the option of raw food with no added carbohydrate or fillers and started to try this. His gum health is now fine and he eats like a true carnivore. I have been with LUNA & me for some time after trying a few different options and I have a very healthy happy cat. He is a cross Maine coin so is quite a good size and eats around two patties per day, wolfing down one at each sitting. He goes out and also eats his prey. It took very little time for him to get used to it - initially I smeared some in his front paws which after lick off got his attention.

I get the 72 Pattie Variety Box at approximately 4-5 week intervals I cannot believe I stayed so long with highly processed cat food and recently when looking after my brothers cats I was amazed at the expensive pouches and patties they picked at, and how much waste there was. I would never go back to this.

The food is easy to store (about one freezer shelf) and doesn’t smell at all. It’s no different to any raw meat we might cook for ourselves. I feed my cat twice per day and there is rarely anything left in the bowl, if there is I put this back in the fridge. Defrosting in the fridge takes about 6-8 hours so I usually have one defrosted and one defrosting at around the same time. The trays take up very little space.

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