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Cocker Spaniel | Adult

Storm is our first ever dog for me and my wife. (What a learning curve!) She's been an absolute bundle of joy from the beginning but my god has it been hard work learning what's good for her and what isn't. We had a recommendation off a friend to use another food brand which is supposed to be 'tailor made' for your dog. However we found it made her hyper and more difficult as she already a high strung working dog, and when you actually look at the ingredients it's not surprising! In comes LUNA & me.. Within a matter of days her temperament calms down, her 'doggy business' becomes consistent and healthy and she absolutely loves each meal, you can definitely tell which flavours she prefers. She goes wild for the duck and lamb! It's also made our life a lot easier using the portion calculator and the patties throughout her first year as she grows and she's been perfect weight and her coat is gorgeously glossy.

We get comments all the time off people. Yesterday was official "Gotcha Day" for Storm and us. A whole year together. And I cannot wait for many more with her and LUNA & me.

Storm loves these LUNA & me products:

  • SuperBlends Wild Venison & Duck Patties
  • Bare Necessities Box, Patties
  • Gentle Essentials Box, Patties
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