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Miniature Dachshund | Adult

Sybil had dietary issues when we first got her, with a constantly runny tummy, excessive thirst and dull flat coat. We switched her to LUNA & me and the improvement has been remarkable! Tummy issues have disappeared, she drinks considerably less (but enough!) and people often comment on the wonderful shiny condition of her coat. She was also very picky with her food and we would have to persuade her to eat. She wolfs down her LUNA & me and the running joke is that she often is found licking her bowl clean before I can even fill the sink with soapy water to wash up!

I find the presentation and convenience of LUNA & me works perfectly for us. It’s so easy to portion and defrost. It’s not at all messy or complicated, but I feel reassured that all her dietary needs are being met. I often find little pieces of vegetable or seeds in the patties and think how wonderful that she’s getting all this from her diet!

If Sybil stays away from home I am confident that others can easily feed her and I don’t have to worry about them trying to portion out frozen meat. We order through the “On Repeat” service, but I find it very easy to fiddle with our orders slightly if needs be. It takes the stress out of wondering if we have enough supplies. I also find the packaging is nice and slim, so we can fit a great deal in our little freezer.

We feel so pleased to have found you, I’m sure Sybil would absolutely agree, she is a happy, healthy little girl and I’m a very satisfied customer for life. Thank you!

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  • Gentle Essentials Box, Patties
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