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LUNA & me
  • This is Teddy before Luna & Me

  • This is Teddy now! Look at that shiny coat!

  • Happy shiny eyes!

  • Happy Healthy Boy


Miniature Dachshund | Adult

Since Teddy was a puppy he has been a super fussy eater. We had tried all sorts to get him to eat and gain weight.we had tried kibble, wet food & a mixture of the two. We tried adding cooked chicken, cheese, egg and all sorts to his food to entice him to eat it. Every time we tried something new he would eat it once or twice and then he would refuse and starve himself. We tried a subscription of pre-cooked food and again this lasted about a month then he refused this too. We then tried several other brands of raw food but the bone content would make him constipated and give him stomach upset. As he is a Dachshund I was concerned he wasnt getting all the nutrients he needed to keep his spine and joints supple and healthy. I asked the question on a Facebook group to see if anyone had any suggestions and I was pointed to Luna & Me.

I ordered a starter box and since his very first pattie he hasnt refused a single meal. He licks the bowl clean. He has increased to a much healthier weight and his coat is so shiny. He now has bundles of energy and can keep up with my parents working labrador! When we took him for his recent vet check they asked what we were feeding him as he now has an athletes heart and is so lean and muscular compared to 6 months ago. I would recommend Luna & Me to anyone who has a fussy pet and wants to ensure they are getting all the goodness they need. Teddys favourite flavour is definitely Dandy Duck! The tail wagging begins as soon as he smells this one! Luna & Me has taken all the worries we had away as we now know he is loving every meal and is a happy healthy pooch! I have attached some pictures! The first one is before Luna & Me and the others are after 4 months of being on the Luna & Me patties, I think you can clearly see a huge difference in the shine of his coat and his eyes look so bright and happy now! His weight is much healthier and he just looks so much happier in general!

Teddy loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Adult Chick, Chick Chicken Patties
  • Adult Dandy Duck Patties
  • Adult Luna's Lamb Patties
  • Adult Perky Turkey Patties
  • Adult Porky Pork Patties
  • SuperBlends Wild Venison & Duck Patties
  • SuperBlends Coconut Crunch
  • Everyday Box, Patties
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