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British Longhair | Kitten

I am an owner and breeder of British longhair cats/kittens. I first tried LUNA & me about a month or so ago now, for my kittens, I ordered the Kitten Starter Box to begin with as it was great value for money and thought at least one of mine would eat it if not the kittens. The mother of my kittens has such a sensitive tummy, from the day I fetched her home she has been like this and I always thought she was allergic to chicken, as anything I would give her that contained chicken would go straight through her and she would be in the litter box straight away with runny poops, I have tried and bought so many different foods and products to try and help but nothing solved the issue, however she started eating the kittens food (LUNA & me) and after a month of using it she has finally started to have solid movements, she is 2 in July and this is the first time I've ever known her to have solids!

The kittens absolutely love it and so do my adult cats, they are all very find of it as it is very bloody and juicy and very easy to eat for kittens at such a young age, I actually used this for weaning, it's more of a paste consistency as a post to hard and very chunky bits of meat. So I am extremely happy about this and will definitely keep ordering, as your food works out cheaper than most raw food retailers and the only food she will eat.

The Reward points are a very good way of saving money also. I have referred most of my breeder friends through this also so hopefully they will try it and love it too. So thank you very much.

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