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LUNA & me
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Bengal | Adult

When I bought my first Bengal cat, Ziggy, I had absolutely no idea you could even raw feed a cat! He came to me from his breeder on whiskers commercial cat food and biscuits and his poops absolutely stank my house out. I wanted the very best for him, as I had always wanted a Bengal and had spent a lot of money on him!

I loved him from the moment he was put into my arms! That's when I came across raw feeding and LUNA & me. It didn't take much convincing for me to swap Ziggy over to this much healthier diet. But I was quite skeptical about whether or not he would take it it. I ordered my first box and was surprised when it landed on my door the following day! It was packaged so nicely, and even addressed "to the pet of the house". Very sweet. I opened the box to find my bundle of patties and treats, all still frozen and fresh :) I gave my Ziggy a meal straight away and he devoured the lot!!! Success!!!

Over the coming days and weeks, he changed so much. He was much calmer and not begging for food every five minutes (actually satisfied for a change!), his poops no longer smelt, his coat so shiny and velvet soft, his eyes clear and something I didn't even consider - cleaner teeth! When we bought our second Bengal - Daisy Indigo - there was no question at all what she should be fed. Ziggy and Indy are now three and two 1/2 years old and absolutely thriving on LUNA & me. They won't eat anything else. Their favourite is whisker lickin chicken and they are very happy with it. We have also switched mother in law/sister in law over to LUNA & me for their cats too ❤️

Also want to add a little note about the On Repeat system - it is so handy. Easy to set up, email reminders a few days before billing/shipping. If you still have a stash in the freezer from your previous delivery you and delay the order so easily and all online. I am really unorganized and not great at "life admin" so this is a really amazing tool for me to make sure that my babies never run out of dinner!

Ziggy loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Budget Box, Patties
  • RawBlends Whisker Lickin' Chicken
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