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Illustration of a cat in a Santa hat next to the Three Bird Feast, surrounded by wrapped gifts

RawBlends Christmas Dinner - Three Bird Feast



Christmas Dinner is your cat’s very own natural and delicious Three Bird Feast, starring plenty of seasonal favourites. From succulent, freshly prepared Turkey, Duck and Chicken to a sprinkling of superfoods, including essential Taurine.

When your family gathers for festive fun and food, your cat can share all the excitement with their very own Christmas Dinner. We’ve created a new festive recipe full of naturally delicious ingredients, with an extra added blend of Superfoods, so your cat can share a truly special feast. Merry Christmas!

There has never been a more convenient way to feed a biologically appropriate raw food diet. Our Patties minimise the time needed to prepare & thaw before serving. Quick thaw, No mess, No fuss, No waste – Raw Feeding Made Easy! RawBlends Christmas Dinner Three Bird Feast Patties, available in one pack size: 600g = 2 x Tray of 3 x 100g Patties, total 6 x Patties This product has limited availability.



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