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Naturals Bare Bones - Beef



Naturals Bare Bones are the ultimate delicious reward for your dog. Made with 100% Fresh Beef marrow bones, these hand cut bones are long lasting so they’re excellent for keeping your dog entertained and happily chewing away.

Naturals Bare Bones are irresistible for dogs and puppies to enjoy. The marrow in the bone is a delicious treat that even the smallest dog can access. And while their jaws get a workout, you can be happy that they’re getting wonderful variety in their diet, free from any chemicals or preservatives.

Key Benefits: 100% Natural | Longer Lasting Chew | Soothing & Calming | Meaty Greatness

Please ensure you select the right size bone for your dog.

Naturals Bare Bones available in two sizes:
Small/Medium = 1 x Small/Medium Marrow Bone
Medium/Large = 1 x Medium/Large Marrow Bone

Please note it is important to select the size suitable for your dog, if the bones are too small they may pose a choking hazard. Always supervise your pups when they have a bone.



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