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Siamese | Adult

Albie came to us as an excitable friendly kitten at 10 weeks old and as advised I kept him on the same food the breeder fed but the one thing I couldn't tolerate was the smell from the litter box. At this point he was eating dry and wet food and going to the toilet 4 times a day!

I trialled quite a few brands and nothing seemed to improve his number twos. I couldnt get my head around the fact people would just accept this and allow this for their cats. He never seemed satisfied by his food and I was shocked at the constant mess in the litter box from number twos.

I started researching cat food, found some fab groups on social media and although initially the idea of feeding raw scared me because of all the bias information online, once I took the plunge I knew I would never go back! His fur is just so silky, his poos firm and odourless, his energy peaks and then he sleeps great and he has a great general mood. Even the vets had nothing to challenge me on when he had his check up appointments, they only gave compliments.

I tried a few brands but there is nothing out there as convenient as LUNA & me and it helps my boy loves the chicken, beef and rabbit! I also feed whole prey too, mostly chicks because my boy is obsessed with these and occasionally mice. He's also had quail on his birthdays. After seeing all these amazing benefits, I'd never switch back to any commercial cat food again. The benefits are too good to go back. It makes me sad to see so many cats suffer poor health from a junk food diet and I hope more and more people give raw feeding a go.

Follow good hygiene practices, store food properly and carefully and there's nothing to worry about. Best thing we did for Albie!

Albie loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Freezer Favourites Box, Patties
  • Essential Sensational Beef Patties
  • Essential Sublime Rabbit Patties
  • RawBlends Whisker Lickin' Chicken
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