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Feeding the Feline

Feeding your cat a species-appropriate raw food diet from LUNA & me can mean incredible benefits for you and your cat.

Watch your cat thrive on a raw food diet using a fresh all-natural raw food menu from LUNA & me.

Cats dietary requirements differ slightly from those of a dog. For this reason, we have created a menu, especially for cats; Essentials & RawBlends.

The primary difference between canine and feline dietary needs is an increased requirement for muscle meat and organ meats with a lower percentage of ground bone. They also are obligate carnivores and therefore are not well suited to eating fruits and vegetables.

Tips for transitioning your cats to LUNA & me:

Start Early

Take it Slow


Adult Cats


Stay Positive

Create an appetite

Temperature is key

Keep them eating

Practice patience

Top it off!

Side by side

Mix it

Complete & balanced


No need to supplement

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