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Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

British farmers produce some of the best, high quality meat products in the world.
We are proud to say that all LUNA & me products are 100% British.

LUNA & me - Highest Rated Pet Food From Our Kitchen


To meet our quality standards, we only source from people we know and trust, farmers and growers that measure up. It’s hard to get on our list – and for good reason. Our suppliers must meet our strict standards for food safety and health as well as sustainability and fair trade practices, and if ‘I won’t eat it’ I promise ‘it doesn’t go in our food’.

All of our ingredients are butcher-quality, from government inspected producers. This means you can be confident that the meat in your pet’s raw food is the highest quality and subject to the same strict inspection standards as the food intended to feed your family.

No By-products. No fillers. No additives or preservatives. No meats of animals dying, diseased or disabled. No feathers. No corn, wheat or soy. No ingredients from outside the UK. No genetically modified ingredients.


All raw meat products are transported from the producer to LUNA & me on temperature controlled delivery lorries. From their premises to our kitchen, we can guarantee that the meat has remained at a constant cold temperature, either frozen or chilled.


From the first step of production to our finished products, we follow the FSA (The Food Standards Agency) principles and HACCP (Hazard and Critical Control Point) processes. We meet all Safe Food Quality standards and exceed Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring a Higher Standard of Quality Assurance.

All our raw foods comply with the legal trading requirements of the APHA inspections, and we carry out all required microbiology testing.

Our Kitchen is certified by DEFRA as a registered facility. DEFRA Approved - 11/052/8106 ABP/PTF.


We test for germs! The LUNA & me kitchen ensures that all of our recipes meet our rigorous standards. In fact, we are the only raw pet food manufacturing facility to operate a process of 'positive release'. We test our extraordinary raw dog & cat foods to rule out anything that could possibly hurt your pet. That includes things you can only see under a microscope, like: bacteria, such as salmonella.


Our products are frozen at temperatures below -20 degrees to maximise the nutrients in our fresh prepared raw meals. Our Kitchen is equipped with Temperature Monitoring System to ensure all products remain at a constant frozen state from production to the day of despatch.