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Cocker Spaniel | Puppy

Since the second we brought Axel home we have had him on LUNA & me Puppy Power. We initially started on the patties and have since moved onto the Puppy Power mince. He was originally on a farm dog food local to the breeder and he wasn’t getting good food drive. We knew from before finding a puppy we wanted to raw feed. All that was left was a question of which.

Since bringing Axel home and switching to raw we’ve noticed a shiny coat, healthy bright eyes and a perfect balance of energy coming from his food. Absolutely no additives was such a vital requirement for us when looking for food and I won’t feed him anything else now! He gets so excited for his food and never leaves a scrap.

Following LUNA & me portion calculator makes it so super easy to keep on top of Axels needs and body condition. Although the patties were so much more convenient, the minces are such great value for money, especially buying in bulk. We buy 15000g each time. He loves seeing the box delivered and will sit on top of the box until we open it.

No foul smells of the food which I’ve noticed with some other brands when feeding my other dog raw for the past several years. Lovely packaging, I love the fact the mince comes packaged in a plastic bag and then into the cardboard box. Previously I’ve noticed other brands putting the mince directly into the cardboard box. This has caused a lot of problems of the food being stuck to the cardboard when trying to portion up to put back into the freezer until needed. NONE of these issues with LUNA & me packaging!

Next time we will be ordering bones and bone broth to incorporate into his daily food intake. He’s still a bit young for the bones at the moment. I recommend LUNA & me to anyone. Amazing quality and very very high nutritional value.

Axel loves these LUNA & me products:

  • Puppy Power Mince
  • Puppy Power Patties
  • Puppy Box, Mince
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